Beth Stoller, LMT


Beth specializes in CranioSacral Therapy, Tomato Emotional Release and was trained at Pledger Institute in Palm Beach, Florida. Beth uses her expertise and intuitive holistic approach as she supports women in a safe and sacred environment. Her passion and purpose is to illuminate and transcend women to live their fullest expression of themselves. She provides the tools, expertise, intuition, wisdom and compassion for transformational healing.

Her Story

At the young age of 52, Beth was noticing a rapid decline in her memory, along with other disturbing health issues.   Overwhelmed with anxiety and fear, ...after a battery of testing,( which was negative), and rejecting anti-depressant drugs from her well-meaning doctor,  her mother gave her the answers in this book...Natural Cures "They Don't want You to Know About."The results from a metal toxicity test determined that she was off the charts with mercury and other metal toxicity. She finally knew she wasn't crazy.  She had several amalgam fillings removed by a biological dentist, and endured a Chelation process that kept her feeling ill throughout the duration of the treatments, and left her 20lbs thinner.This was the beginning of her holistic healing journey, which by divine grace inspired her to cultivate her knowledge and share her gifts in her determination for healing others.

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